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Monday, 15 January 2018

The last of the Amazon shopping!!!

We've finally received all of our Christmas shopping from Amazon now!!!

This book is one of Sue Grafton's alphabet series!  We're looking forward to that one!

The next one was from World of Books.....

being the last of the Mortal Instruments series!

And today we got the final book.....

being one of Darren Shan's Zom-B series!

Sunday, 14 January 2018

Movie Review - Scarface

Movie Review No 45

This movie starts with the opening of Cuban harbours in 1980 to "allow" US Cubans to collect relatives...... but it seems that some of the Cuban prisons were emptied in the process!  One of them is Tony "Scarface" Montana played by Al Pacino and the moving starts with his initial interrogation by the Police on his arrival in Florida.   The story charts his immigration process, integration into the Miami crime and drugs scene, meeting F Murray Abraham early in the story.  He meets a rather nasty death later on though! The movie culminates with his rise to the top of the criminal food chain with a matching cocaine addiction (He ends up snorting coke straight off his table leaving a smudge on the end of his nose!) and an eye popping gun battle with a rival gang in his villa.....!

It's violent, so an adult movie, but yes!


Doughnut holes with lots of icing  sugar......!!

Saturday, 6 January 2018

Another late Chrimbo present!!!!

Today, Andrea had to go to the sorting office to pick up a package.....

OH!!  We got bubble wrap and duct tape!!!!

Inside that was MORE bubble wrap and duct tape!
This is like pass the parcel!!!!

Oh wait a minute!  It's for me, Jelly Beanie AND String Beanie!!!

It's a Wol card!!!!!

From Diane!!!!!!


It's a curlywurly dish to put olives in!!
Or cheese.
Cheese would work.
Thanks Diane an Sir Woodstock!!!

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

A late Christmas present!!!

We got a couple more late Chrimbo presents that we bought off Amazon!!!

This one's a book!  We like Sue Grafton books!!!

This one's a tiny one!!!  What is it??!!!


It's a rubber stamp gizmo!
We've been getting a lot of mail delivered to our address but for people that don't live there!  So this little "Return to sender" stamp will be handy!!!

Sunday, 31 December 2017

Review of the year 2017


2017 started off quietly - we didn't go anywhere but we did lots of shopping!!!


We had a day out in February though - the first one being up to Islington!
You can see that here Trip to London

The next one was down to the Victoria & Albert Museum to see an expedition about underwear!!!
You can read about that here Another trip to London


In March we had a trip to London and Colchester which was fun - we stopped over in London and ate some great food!  You can read each day's link here....


In April we went to see an expedition in Somerset House which was fun!
You can read that here.  Trip to London


May was really busy - we started off with a day out in London which you can read about here....
Shopping in London

And then we had a three day trip to Oxford which was interesting!!
 You can read about  the first bit here Day one

The second bit is here day two

And the last day is here day three


June was fun!  We went to see an art expedition in Brighton (click the bloo bit to read about it!)

And we also had a mad day in Lewes!!  (Click the bloo bit to read about it!)


In July, we were busy - we started with a visit to the British Library in London to see an expedition about the Russian Revolution - this year is the 100th anniversary of that!  You can read about that day out here

We also had a dinner wiv Vicky in July - you can read about that here

We had another day out in London to see another expedition which you can read about here

And then we had ANOTHER day out in London with Arnty Bev and Arnty Vicky!  We investigated prisons and markets which you can read about here


We started August with a trip to the Royal Academy Summer Expedition in London which was fun!  You can read about that Here

We also had a day out to Eastbourne which you can read about Here

Later, we had another trip to London to find an Art Nouveau building!  You can read about that Here


In September, we went to the Charles Dickens Museum and found the bestest burgers in the entire known universe!  You can read about that Here


October was a quiet month but we ended it with a trip to Colchester!!!
You can read about the start of it here Day One


The rest of the trip happened in November and you can read about the rest of it here!
Day Two
Day Three
Day Four

Then we had another trip to London to see another Russian Expedition!  That was interesting! 
You can read about that Here


The first thing that happened this month was the arrival of String Beanie!!  He'd hitchhiked all the way from Newfoundland..... his arrival is Here

Then later on, we had a dinner out which you can read about Here

And then we went to see our last expedition of the year in London which you can read about here
We've had a very busy year!!!

Wonder what'll happen next year.......?
Happy New Year everyone!!