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Sunday, 4 December 2016

We went to a Birthday Party!!!

Today, we went outside to wait for a friend in a car and my mate Dylan T Dog spotted us from his window and go SOOO excited, that he just HAD to bring his owner downstairs to see me!!!  We had a good long chat while I was waiting for Heather (who was late!)  Anyway, we managed to get him to stay still just about long enough for a photo - that was the first attempt at sitting.

And that was the second attempt!!!  Dylan - meet the world!

Then when Heather arrived, we drove into Brighton to meet Vicky who had her birthday this weekend!
She got presents!

That one was her favourite!!!  It's a bottle of antifreeze.  Well, it says it's violet gin on the label, but Andrea says if you drink enough of it, you stop feeling cold so really, it's antifreeze.
Makes sense to me.....
(She also got two measuring spoons and two measuring glasses because she likes measuring stuff out when she's cooking)

Me and Jelly Beanie and Andrea gave her a gold sparkly wine glass...

....and a martini cocktail glass which she seemed very happy with!!!

She likes her prezzies!!!!  Hurray!!

Then we got lunch.  It was a Lamb Roast wiv beans, carrots, roast potatoes, brokli, yorkshire pudding, peas, some weird green things we didn't eat an loads of gravy.  It was proper yumtastic, and we won't need to eat again for about a week!!!!

Then we helped Vicky carry her prezzies back to her house and stopped for a cuppa tea.  We said hello to Prince T Dog

And that's Max T Dog wearing some wrapping paper.  
He's a bit bonkers.
That was a fab day out, that was!!

Saturday, 19 November 2016

A little trip with loads of food!

Yesterday, Andrea took us in to work but we didn't stay long.  We had to go to A Meeting!!
So we got on a bus....

And ended up where Andrea used to work before she moved to the office she's at now!
Jelly Beanie met Arnty Bev who gave him a skarf!!!  It's good eh?!!

After the big meeting, we all went out to lunch.  We had Chrissmoss crackers and this was our prize!!  (you can pull the lid off and it's a little squirty thing!!)

AND we got alcohol!!!  HUZZAH!

Oh look!  Garlic bread!!

AND PIZZA!!  Brilliant!!!

That was Arnty Bev's pudding but she didn't let us have any.  That's OK, we don't share our chocolate either.

After that, we found another grafitti cable box!!

Later on, we took the bus to the marina and found an Octo-santa-pus!!!  Then we met Vicky to go see the Street Cat called Bob movie - it was terrific!!!  There was a couple of scary bits in where Bob chased a mouse, but the mouse escaped!!

Saturday, 12 November 2016

We got a Pakkidge!!!

We got a pakkidge in the mail the other day....

It's from Jerry and Ben and we got a First Place Certificate for the pumpkin carving contest!!!!!!!!!

AND we got lots of prizes!!!  Including sweeties, leaf shaped mug coasters, a yellow badge (button) a and tickets for making stuff with!!!

I let Jelly Beanie have the badge because he hasn't got any yet.
Well he does now!!
Thanks Jerry an Ben!!

Sunday, 6 November 2016

A rather late birthday card!!!

Last week we got a letter from America!!

It was a birthday card from Ajdin!!!

It's got a mouse on it!
I love it!!!  Thanks Ajdin!

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

We took Jelly Beanie gambling on the Pier!!!

This morning Andrea went to work as usual.

It was a very pretty sunrise too!!!

Ssshh!!  I don't think she noticed we're in her bag!!!

AND we left a bookcrossing book at the bus stop!!!
Andrea took us on a bus to work where we pretended to be MI5 agents for the day.  We're not allowed to tell you what we did, it's all Top Secret.

After work, we snuck back into Andrea's bag and got another bus.....

And we got off here at the Royal Pavillion!!  It had pretty lights on!!!

Then we used our spy camera to make sure it was working!  That's Brighton Pier there!!!

We walked over to the Pier and we met Sir Woodstock!!!  Jelly Beanie had never met him before but they got on really well!!!

Then we took Jelly B in to where all the fun and games are!!!

And not even FIVE MINUTES and he was shouting "I WON I WON I WON!!!"
Wow, he's better at this than I am!!!!

And then a few minutes after that I WON A PRIZE!!!

Then we all helped Sir Woodstock win some stuff!!
We had brilliant fun!!  It was a hoot!

Afterwards, we started getting hungry so we walked off the Pier - those lights are pretty!

And we went here to Harry Ramsden's for dinner!  Jelly B has never been here either!

First of all we had a group picture with the Pier in the background!

Sir Woodstock gave us a present!  It's The Beaney's keyring!!!
For OUR keys!!!

We got four prizes off the pier - one was a big Pokemon badge..... wonder if Vicky would like that?

Then we got a drink in - we had a Fentiman's rose lemonade - that was yum!

Well, Sir Woodstock's ready for dinner!!!

We had Plaice an Chips (with mushy peas on the side which we didn't eat.  They're yukky)

After a really exciting evening out, we then all went home because we were exhaustipated.
It was fun seeing Sir Woodstock and Arnty Diane though!  They're nice.....!!